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A feature that replaces the app’s previous Best Friends list as a way to rank your most frequent Snap pals >On Monday, Snapchat released Friend Emojis.

Sure, it may seem better than before—the dark days when users were aware of the top three Snapchat buddies of everybody on their contact list—but this up-date in no way curbs the anxiety.

The new feature that is private Snapchat interactions utilizing a selection of emoji symbols. It may appear harmless, but understanding the breakdown of exactly what these emojis represent is all about to wreak havoc on psyches every-where. That sassy smirk face? Never worry, you might never view it the in an identical way once again.

Below, a failure of exactly what these new emoji labels mean.

Plus the unavoidable, crushing, over-analyzed-to-a-fault paranoia that is possible can cause.

Congrats! If this emoji appears beside your contact’s name, be confident you’re both the other person’s no. 1 best friend. But.

Awkward. This emoji, known by some because the «foot in mouth» emoji, is a troublemaker at heart (do emojis have hearts?). If this icon appears, it means which you and that person share a mutual #1 best buddy on Snapchat. Let’s just say with this specific emoji in the mix, there isn’t any accepted spot to conceal.

Seemingly benign, this emoji is really a smack that is subtle the face. This means, basically, that whoever boasts this icon is one of one’s snapchat friends that are best. But really, what is the point of being deemed a friend that is»best if you’re not # 1?

As if this emoji structure had not been complicated enough, this symbol rests a tier below the previous grimace emoji since it denotes a provided closest friend (note the distinction: not just a # 1 companion).

The ultimate sucker punch, this emoji indicates which you show up on your contact’s companion list but he/she does not appear on yours. Put another way, we’ve ourselves a classic case of unrequited love.

Disclosure said it best: «When a fire starts to burn off, also it starts to spread, she gonna bring that mindset home.» This emoji, having a number you the number of consecutive days you and said person have been snapping beside it, tells. Your relationship is literally on fire.

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